Since I was young, nature, music, writing and taking photos have been an essential part of my life.  


When I was very young my mother introduced me to the unexpected beauty of plants and trees as well as the recognisable. My father was a jazz enthusiast as well as always having a camera at the ready. Whilst my headmaster at primary school encouraged me to read with a torch under the bedclothes - inspiring a love of books and subsequently writing.


Life takes us on a variety of different trajectories and I found myself working in the theatre, radio, television and finally media communications before I made a decision to get back to the things that make me tick.


The turn of the Millennium was the moment I decided things had to change and before long my husband and I had agreed to buy a ruin, in a muddy field without any services.  Here we are twenty years later with a smallholding, powered by a solar system, with water from a borehole and a sceptic tank. Still no connected services! However, we do have a mobile Wi-Fi connection which connects us to the modern world.


The last twenty years have also been a voyage into the quintessential areas of my life; mind, body, and spirit.  


I first learned to dowse in the 1980s when I started visiting a dowsing homeopath, who later became my mentor and teacher of radiesthesia, radionics, and vibrational remedies. Subsequently, I have added a range of different complementary therapies and a good dose of experience to bring me to the point where I feel I am able to be of heart-centered service to others. Click here for qualifications.


If you are struggling with life in some way and believe I may be of help please contact me via the Contacts page or email me at HolisticDowsing@gmail.com.  I like to offer an initial twenty-minute consultation to see if I am the right person to help you, for free.  After that, treatments are on a donation basis so that everyone can benefit whatever their circumstances.

As I have said elsewhere, I am not a medical doctor and if you are experiencing specific physical

symptoms you must see your health care practioner and doctor.