And Relax...

At last I can heave a great sigh of relief - both Apple and Sauce have given birth! Apple had seven piglets on Wednesday afternoon (30th Sept) and Sauce followed last night (3rd Oct) with a nice tidy six.

After a wakeful night worrying whether all would be well in the pig pen overnight, I slipped down at first light to see what had happened. Apple greeted me at the gate eager to have her breakfast, whilst Sauce emerged slowly, tousled with hay and happy to be given some pig nuts whilst I inspected her brood of babies.

Apple’s litter had needed help and for the first time I was involved in disentangling umbilical cords, wiping away birth sacs and grasping wayward piglets to place them gently on a teat. So, last night was a sleepless affair as I wondered if such assistance would be required by Sauce's arrivals – fortunately not. As in all previous experiences nature and animal instinct was all that was required.

So, my shoulders can return to their normal resting place somewhere down my neck rather than up by my ears. I can stop grinding my teeth, furrowing my brow and relax… but not so for the two piggie Mamas. For them it will be all systems go as the piglets quickly grow and soon demand more and more feeding inbetween sleeping and playing. Oh the joy of watching them grow… we have a few weeks of delectable time wasting and escape from all the noise of our currently weird world.

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