And then there were two...

Our young boar Pork is a sweet boy and as far young men go he really is quite a charmer. But he is also a little bit boisterous for the girls, Apple and Sauce who are in the last month of their pregnancy.

Slowly the realisation dawned that a separation was the answer! I was thrown into a quandary - restless nights and deep conversation resulted in the realisation that if I was doing this as a business then I would cordon off more land, move him to another part of our meadow and keep him on his own whilst the girls come to full term and had their piglets. But I’m in this for the fun of it and the various complications outweighed the advantages.

So, Sunday morning dawned and a neighbouring farmer arrived to collect him to live on their farm, much simpler and he will be with other pigs rather than on his own. The result being we are down to two piggies for a short while.

Soon after Pork’s departure I fed Apple and Sauce some apples and noticed immediately that the energy in the pig pen was tangibly different. I hadn’t realised how his testosterone had in fact been jazzing the place up, but not in a good way!

Within moments the girls seemed more relaxed, there was no fighting for the apples, no squealing as Pork barged them out of the way to eat, but also no snuggling up with him under a tree in the shade. That’s life I guess or as they say here – É a Vida!

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