Bangers gives birth!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Bangers and Mash

She’s been acting a bit strange all day… lying down in the pig house most of the time, only pottering out on unsteady legs when she thought that Bash might be getting some extra grub, but essentially getting herself ready for the big Bangers moment.

And so about 4.30pm when we took the dogs out through the gate and along the path that skirts the pig paddock, both the dogs stopped and stared towards the pig house. What sense was working in them? I have no idea, but they knew that there was new life being born 50 metres away.

On our return we fed Mash who is still upright and looks as though she will need another couple of days before she pops. Then I headed down to take Bangers some more hay and a little light supper!

There she was, lying down calmly as she grunted hello, but thankfully made no movement to get up. I peeped into the house and saw one little black piglet and one brown and black spotty piglet just like her, hovering by her side and moving in the direction of the milk bar.

Not wishing to unsettle her I backed gently out, only tip toeing back in with the extra hay, filling up her water bucket and putting some grain in the corner of the run for later. However, her ears were erect, acting like antennae throughout, twitching this way and that, as I quietly went about these preparations before leaving her to her business.

I closed and bolted the door to the pig house and run, keeping Bangers and her babies safe from night-time marauders. It will also mean that Mash will have to take up residence in the pig arc – or Cabana as it is called in Portuguese. Not quite the “Copacabana …the hottest spot north of Havana…” but nice enough.

I’m itching to go and see how they are all getting on, but I know my presence will only be a distraction and an unwelcome one at that – I’m just going to have to wait until morning to see what transpires.

Watch this space!

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