Updated: Apr 17, 2020

The local farmer told me to wait until after the full moon... so I did.

Why? You ask?

Well. Apparently Bangers and Mash were in season and received Snr Boar's attentions at the previous full moon so, according to my breeding mentor and owner of the boar, if everything went to plan and with or without a following wind, if they were NOT in season again at the next full moon then it would be mission accomplished!

The full moon came and went last week and there is no sign of Bangers and Mash becoming inflamed and/or lustful! I could even be convinced of ever such a slight swelling of the girth, or is that the extra food I have been dishing out in the hope that they are indeed 'in pig'.

We will have to wait and see but having done my sums it looks as though the second week in November would be the due date for the patter of tiny trotters.

And in the meantime? Well, the fish meal has been shipped in from UK with its 60% protein level to get them in prime condition. Previously one of our neighbours was a bit put out that our piggies popped out quite so many little ones and despite the vagaries of the countryside 13 piglets per mum was only decreased by one or possibly two and that was normally because Mum squashed them!

However, our last litter was a couple of years ago and landed splat in the heat of the summer. This was not a good experience and we lost a number of piglets to Mr Fox who sussed out that their tired and overweight Mamas were suffering from the heat, which meant they slept deeply when not providing the milk bar, in turn making the pig pen the best 'take away dinner' in the area. Copious amounts of fencing soon went up in an attempt to keep the marauders at bay.

Hopefully, winter babies will hopefully be a much calmer affair.

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