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Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Blurry photo of the piglets!

Bangers has six beautiful piglets!

As I listened to the wind whistling round the house during the night, I worried how she was getting on, how many piglets had been born, would they be warm enough or chilled to death. Needless to say sleep was a stranger in the early hours of the morning!

At first light I pulled on my clothes and raced down to see what had happened. Keeping Bangers busy with breakfast in the run, I peered into the pig house and discovered a huddle of little bodies at the far end. I counted six. Four black and white and two completely black. I had been sure one was brown and black but clearly in the dusk of last night I had got it wrong they are definitely white and black - very pretty!

Later Ze Felipe, the owner of the boar, came to inspect and discovered one little one that had been squashed - so she had seven all told - but six is a good number to suckle. As he carried the piglet out, you cannot help but notice the size of the little chap. They are tiny in pig terms, but when you see a piglet at about a foot long you think - how did she manage to carry seven of those creatures around in her belly - they are enormous! And she was skipping about right up until yesterday, as I've said before these are the skippiest pigs we have ever had.

And as for Mash? She was still pottering about this morning grazing on acorns from the cork oak trees. But after discussions with Ze Felipe I decided to close the gate to the pig paddock so she doesn't wander and try to have her piglets in the field. For her it is the "Copacabana, the hottest spot north of Havana."

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