Greedy Guts...

Hello - I'm Apple the Greedy Guts

Well, I can no longer call Apple and Sauce piglets any more. They are now Sows! They became Gilts before they had their first litter of piglets, after which they took on the rather unflattering term of Sow. Oh well, these two Sows are pregnant again!

As I think I described at new year, we had an unexpected and very determined visitor from the farm across the track. This rather fugly black pig, took up residence and despite all our best endeavours he was not going to be dissuaded from hanging out with Apple and Sauce and the result is, as you would expect, the forthcoming arrival of tiny trotters.

They have grown into big girls; Apple more so as she is a greedy pig and puts the wind up poor Sauce when it comes to feeding time. The result being that Apple is a chubber and that Sauce is a bit lean. We still have one piglet from the original litter called Scoff-a-Lot, because, as you guessed, she does just that and is as round as a barrel!

Sauce positively tip toes around Apple when they are feeding and this has been giving me cause for thought. Even when I feed them separately in buckets, Apple will gobble away and then suddenly stop and rush over to Sauces’s bucket in case she has something tastier, her arrival means Sauce jumps out of the way, relinquishing her bucket to her sister before venturing over to Apple's abandoned bucket to see what has been left. Not much!

So, I am conjuring up a plan to separate them all with some electric fencing when we get into April. This time around I can’t bear the hormonal fights days after giving birth and having Scoff-a-Lot trotting around also complicates things. So plans are afoot and I will keep you posted.

Apple the Greedy Pig

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