Happy Birthday!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Happy Birthday Girls!

Bangers and Mash are one year old today!

What excitement - they are in the final weeks of their pregnancy and looking wonderful.

I had a conversation with our delightful vet who gave me chapter and verse on feeding patterns for the next few weeks and it has to be said they are looking fit, with lovely round bellies and skippy as hell! I mean these pigs could be little race horses, we have never had such skippy pigs... they run and run - you wouldn't want to get in their way.

When I come back from walking the dogs, they scorch their way across the pig paddock to say hello and then walk along beside us in anticipation of goodies at the end of it all. Goodies come in the shape of apples and gives a whole new meaning to the phrase pork and apple sauce - not that these girls are ever going to be a pork steak or a Sunday roast.

So we have three and a bit weeks before they are due to have piglets, but in truth they don't look remotely ready, so we will have to see how things develop. Perhaps I have the dates all mixed up and it will be a bit longer we will just have to see.

But whatever happens they are fit, well and skippy, skippy, skippy - Happy Birthday Girls!

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