Honey! Oh Honeys...

As I sit here writing this blog looking at the piglets in the paddock, I am struck by how many of them are honey coloured. Yes, there are a couple of black and white saddle backs and Sandy and Black spotty piglets, but the rest are a muddle of white and honey coloured splodges and stripes with an occasional black dot giving the overall impression of honey. Lovely, luscious honey running around the pig paddock.

The last weeks have flashed by and I’m incredulous that they will be seven weeks old in a few days. This gaggle of babies has been the best we have had for a long time. No sudden deaths, no piglets being rolled on by their mothers in fact, I have stopped holding my breath wondering what the next possible drama will be as, much to my relief, there haven’t been any. I haven’t had to call the vet once, which is a first!

As I said in my last blog Apple and Sauce have turned out to be excellent mothers, so clearly displaying different ‘parenting’ skills which complement each other. And the babies are all thriving. Such chubby little piglets you will not have seen. As always people say I’m feeding them too much, but truth be told Apple and Sauce are doing all the work suckling them day and night; whilst I keep the Mums well fed so that the milk keeps flowing.

And now it is acorn time. The cork oak trees are dropping acorns in their hundreds and we have hundreds of trees, so we are collecting the acorns or 'bolotas' in Portuguese and giving them to the pigs. Even the little ones have worked out how to crack an acorn in half and chew hard, releasing the delicious nutty flavour. Add to this the fact we have had a bit of rain means softer ground and the piglets are discovering what their tough little noses are for as they busily dig up the earth. I have to admit it is a very happy, bucolic scene.

But next week brings the ‘comprador’, the gentleman who is going to buy them… It will be sad to see them go which is why I’m taking every opportunity to enjoy them as much as I can and whilst I can.

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