Hormone Hell

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Oh dear… new mums and their hormones can prove to be a touch troublesome – as I found out!

I have said before that Bangers and Mash are the skippiest pigs we have ever had, but they are also the grumpiest.

I thought they were getting along quite well post farrowing, comparing notes, eating together as normal, so I was not expecting a full on fight in the pig paddock when my back was turned! For fight imagine the Lion King only with pigs on their hind legs making loads of noise and apparently attempting to take chunks out of one another.

Remarkably the only slight injury was a scratch on Mash’s ear along with severely dented pride. But she was now on her guard and sped off to the Copacabana and stood in fighting pose ready to defend her little ones.

Bangers similarly headed home at full speed and I took the opportunity to close the gate behind her so all was quiet whilst they licked their non- existent wounds.

A homeopathic concoction was rustled up to soothe their ruffled nerves and as I put it in their food I couldn’t resist giving myself a dose as well!

They are now giving each other a wide birth and avoiding eye contact at all costs. Rather a shame for two sisters who have been such good friends, but I don’t doubt that in a few days all will be forgotten as they get on with the job in hand. And what a job it is going to be… at a week old Bangers' babies are already escaping from the safety of their home and venturing out into the paddock, who knows what this little brood will be getting up to in no time flat!

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