Hungry Hormones!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Hunger and hormones are not a good combination for anyone or anything be it cat, dog, pig or indeed human. This combo makes women tetchy, moody and liable to explode without even needing a hint of a reason!

Despite the chilly east wind, temperatures and hormones in the pig paddock have been running high and I decided one way to cool things down was to make sure that Bangers and Mash are sufficiently well fed. Not hungry, not so grumpy.

Great in theory but somewhat more arduous in practice. So, I am now the official pig feeder which has become mealtime mayhem three times a day.

You would think they would be delighted being fed so much and so regularly, yet they still have to turn it into a drama, for example.

- They both have a bucket full of feed but of course, whoever gets one bucket wants the other…

- Whoever finishes first then attempts to steal, cajole or fight for the other pig's bucket.

- In an endeavour to alleviate such bad temper, I have resorted to feeding one in the paddock and one in the adjoining field, which now means the gate between the two is soon going to need reinforcing following the buffeting from one pig trying to get out, or the other wanting to get in!

Looking at the video on this post of the piglets playing, it would appear that fighting and play are synonymous one with the other and start at less than a week old. But it all looks a bit scarier when they are grown-up pigs of about 75 kilos rearing up and chewing ears!

However, full tummies appear to have helped Bangers and Mash considerably and although there are still some distinctly haughty looks as they stalk past one another, on the whole, there is a sense of calm that was previously missing.

Thank goodness.

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