Hurrah for Homeopathy!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

A huge abscess had erupted underneath the right eye of Bangers and she stood there glaring at me with one eye wide open and the pale eyelashes of the other glued together. OMG! Call the VET!!

My instinct was to call for help; for someone else to treat my pig whilst I looked on incapable of doing anything. But then I thought, hang on a moment – I have a cornucopia of homeopathic remedies which I use to keep everyone in the house ticking over, so why not the pig. A bit more awkward to administer, but surely with a bit of imagination I should able to dose her with the necessary remedies.

And so eye baths during breakfast, second breakfast and tea were applied via soggy kitchen towel. Remedies were added to water buckets, the muddy bathing puddle, stuffed into apples and added to hot buttered toast. The audacity of administering the homeopathic combinations increased day on day and I watched feverishly to see any signs of improvement.

Firstly the eye began to blink open and I could see it blood shot red inside. My tummy turned and I thought, I give this three days, after which if there is not significant improvement I call the vet. Then the abscess started to ooze and decrease in size. Finally the abscess had gone, the eye colour was clear and normal and Bangers couldn’t give two hoots about anything but food, more food and if possible third breakfast.

Phew we had persevered; I had taken my courage in both hands and it paid off. Hurrah for homeopathy!

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