Minnie the Marvellous......

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Life does not always start out quite as you would expect or perhaps hope for – even if you are a piglet.

Minnie began life hauling herself around on her bottom, whilst her brothers and sisters cavorted around bumping into her, stealing her place at their mother’s milk bar and generally running rough shod over her.

I sat down with her in my lap and selotaped the top of her back legs together so that her hips slipped into place and bingo she was up and off! Not quite scampering but pretty close.

The photograph above shows that she was tiny and not overly firm on her trotters but by the time the selotape had descended to her toes, her hips had melded themselves into place and, with a bit of extra care, she was able to do everything her siblings could do.

Minnie went on to be the proud mother of twelve piglets and a very big pig indeed - as seen below.

Minnie and her piglets

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