Mish Mash Moooshhh!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Mash popped out eight little beauties yesterday morning. She must have only just finished when I arrived in the pigpen, to find her eyeing up these little bundles with a certain amount of wonder and confusion!

She agitatedly exited the cabana oinking like mad, looking battered and bruised she came running up to me. “What’” she said, “was that?”

I gave her some food and she began to tuck in, before suddenly stopping and running back to the cabana. Sticking her head inside she eyed up her babies; oinking and shaking her head in amazement she returned for another mouthful of breakfast. It was as if she couldn’t quite believe it.

Nature is an amazing thing… no one had given her pre-natal classes, discussed the benefits of deep breathing or offered her a painkiller. The closest she got was Dr Bach’s Rescue Remedy in her water. Yet there she was, admiring her brood, surprised and more than a little bit anxious.

Later in the day when she and her sister met over mealtime to compare notes, I noticed she abandoned the food (unheard of) to heave herself into the cabana and place herself between Bangers and her brood. Sister or not she was following her natural instinct to protect her new family.

Today, dawned brighter but with a biting east wind, nonetheless Mash is considerably more sanguine. It appears she’s got over the shock of it all and is easing into motherhood splendidly.

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