Out and About... at last!

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Bangers and Mash have been increasingly feisty in the last few days. They were jostling me at meal times – they were demanding more food, more space, more acorns, more everything!

My resistance to their demands was because I believed the piglets were still too small to be introduced to the electric fence in the paddock, but the denouement occurred when they started escaping into the paddock through the uprights of the gate. Netting was applied to the gate because a piglet with its head stuck in the gate is an equally appalling scenario – I know, I have been there in the past!

But our friendly farmer and owner of the boar reassured me that the electric fence would not be a problem for the babies - they have to learn boundaries sometime - so the gates have been thrown open and fun and frolics ensue.

My goodness me they are much happier girls! Their little ones have followed them out into the wide-open space both boldly and tentatively in equal measure. There is much dashing hither and thither, much copying of their mothers as they turn over earth with noses and copious amounts of play fighting and biting of ears.

Everyone is happier, including me!

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