Pigs Do Fly...

On Sunday morning I trotted happily down to the pig paddock only to come face to face with a very ugly black boar (sorry I didn't have the temerity to photograph him so you have a snap of Apple, Sauce, Tashi and Sashi). A couple of questions came to mind… What was he doing in the pig pen and how did he get there? The one question I didn’t need to ask was why… clearly the big girls were in season and he had smelt them from the farm across the track.


He stood very close to Apple nuzzling her and grunting a lot. I recognise that sound from the previous time we had an amorous boar making his advances, the result of which were the adorable piglets you have heard about over the last few months. Hmmmm what to do.

I tried enticing him out of the gate with pig nuts, special delicacies from the pig bucket in the kitchen, apples, bananas you name it I tried it. I was darting here and there trying to get him out of the gate, whilst he merely pranced from side to side avoiding my endeavours and trotted back to Apple and Sauce, who were whisking their tails and swivelling their hips - tarts!

OK, time to ring George and ask him to come and collect his pig. He came in his own time which was late in the afternoon and I was amused to see that he, his wife and son had no more success than I had. And then, the pig took a flying leap and jumped the fence. Have you ever seen a large pig fly over a barbed wire fence and make his escape across the adjoining field? Neither had I until then.

This of course, was highly amusing to George who said with a smirk, well he’ll be back in the morning. And he was. This time I cornered him in the pig pen, and yet again he made his escape, deftly using some fallen stone to give him a jumping off point as he sprung into the air and leapt the fence. I spent the morning moving stones and securing fencing in the hope that it would somehow prevent a further incursion.

The following morning I arrived to see the girls accompanied by Tashi and Sashi, a piglet from both litters, out in the paddock looking for acorns and I thought hurrah – no black boar this morning. But, by the time I had made up breakfast a whiskery black face, with a pointy nose and very unattractive dental work appeared from the pig pen, with wisps of straw tucked behind his ears he trotted over to join the family. This time his attentions were clearly focused on Sauce and soon enough I knew we were in trouble.

Let’s just say that April babies are doubtless in the offing.

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