Problem Solved - or is it...

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Is there no one who has a black and white boar that could spend an idyllic week or two in all expenses paid luxury accommodation with two delightful girls on hand to provide suitable satisfaction?

Apparently there might be... Another neighbour came into view… he said that yes, he does have a black and white boar and yes, we could borrow him. Things are looking up.

There is only one downside. This boar had been living with their own sow and she had never become pregnant. The neighbour didn’t know if that was because the boar didn’t perform adequately or because she wasn’t able to conceive. So, in this chasm of doubt they decided to knock the sow on the head and pop her in the freezer!

Well, as it doesn't appear we have any other options it looks as though an experiment is upon us. I suggested the boar visit in July but the neighbour suggested he bring him over as soon as Bangers and Mash come into season. He clearly thinks that the boar may well not be proficient in the piglet making department and we need to start early to avoid disappointment.

Ho Hum... I'll keep you posted!

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