Shimmering Days...

Summer has turned the arid countryside crisp and crunchy under foot, with the remaining long grass in the pig paddock resembling a field of golden pasture. As I watch Pork, Apple and Sauce meandering across the terrain it looks like the African savanna with the light shimmering in the heat.

We have had extremely high temperatures in July well into the 40s C or over 100F depending on which currency you understand. So no wonder the pigs are constantly slathered in mud from rolling in their pond.

But the most important news is that the girls have not come into season since June so there is every indication that they are pregnant. Poor old pork hasn’t had another opportunity to become amorous and protective, instead he is turning into a sweet, gentle boar who is the only one of the three that likes me to scratch his nose whilst waiting for an apple to munch.

All is very calm and quiet in the pig pen. These three, unlike their boisterous mothers, amble about, snooze, eat and play. They have not dug up all the land looking for bugs seemingly content to hunker down together in the shade. Of course it will be another matter when we get rain and the land is damp enough to turn over, but for now the hot shimmering days and cool starlit nights are the setting for a peaceful existence.

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