Snr Boar

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Mr Boar in the middle of Bangers and Mash

Well, the search for a husband is over!

Snr Boar was led from our neighbour’s farm, in through the gate and straight into the pig paddock. No fuss or performance - he just arrived, walked up to Bangers and Mash and said hello!

What a very splendid fellow he is. Just over one year old, black and white; more of the saddleback variety than spotty like Bangers and Mash and seemingly remarkably docile. Mind you a visit to the dentist wouldn’t go amiss as he is already growing those rather scary teeth that make you run a mile.

All started off very amicably, lots of sniffing and circling so I retreated and left them all to it. I can’t say if it was love at first sight, but within short order Snr Boar was acting in a very protective way to Bangers. Poor old Mash was left out, chased off, beaten up and within a couple of days started to get a bit thin as even my attempts to feed her separately were being thwarted. It broke my heart seeing her wandering around the paddock on her own, when previously she and Bangers had been inseparable.

So it was time to go! In less than a week I rang our neighbour and said that I believed Snr Boar had done his work and it was time he made his way home. No sooner said than done.

Harmony has been restored to the pig pen once more. Bangers and Mash are friends again and we will wait to see whether the visit was successful and if we will be hearing the patter of tiny trotters in three months, three weeks and three days… watch this space.

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