So Far So Good...

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

Life in the pig paddock seems positively serene at present.

What a relief!

After the torments of new motherhood and hormone hell, the tentative first steps of tiny piglets and then a nasty bacterial infection which killed two, I am delighted to report that mums and babies are now all thriving and looking increasingly happy.

Bangers has taken to picking up her food bucket tipping it over her head and running around the paddock with it. She gallops off to the Cabana crashes around inside with the bucket and then leaves it for me to retrieve later in the day. Hilarious.

I’m beginning to notice some of the piglets looking at me with increased interest. Instead of squealing and running away as I reach out to tickle them, they allow the contact, even giving me an eyeball to eyeball stare. What is going on in their little heads I have no idea, but they are absorbing all the new sights, smells and experiences.

In the last few days the electric fence stopped working and the little ones started scooting underneath the wire and digging up everything in sight – talk about the grass being greener on the other side of the fence!

This morning they will find that the fence has been fixed and the grass has a chance of growing again!

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