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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Pork and Apple demanding treats!

Pork, Apple and Sauce are romping along. I can hardly believe they will be six months old next month!

They continue to be playful and adorable but any time now their hormones will start to kick in and I am holding my breath to see how they develop. I'm particularly interested and concerned to see how Pork responds to the arrival of testosterone!

Fingers crossed he will continue to be the sweet boy he is now, but it is always a bit of a concern as a boar in the camp with lots of testosterone flowing through his veins could prove to be a difficult boar to deal with.

And of course the girls will start to come into season anytime from six months onwards. Then we will be looking to see if Pork does enjoy his testosterone and if they become pregnant. If so, we will have piglets again at the end of the year.

What excitement!

I say that, but truth be told it is also a stressful and angst ridden time - or at least it has been the last couple of times. But the benefit is the piglets, watching them grow and seeing them play is something not to be missed. To say nothing of the photo opportunitites they provide. In fact I have just updated the website with new images so if you have time, dig into the Portfolio to take a look.

But for now, they are enjoying the arrival of spring, eating the grass, digging away to scoff the bugs and demanding more food from me on a daily basis... now the acorns are all finished I have taken to buying them apples and pears from the supermarket which seems rather ironic as some people eat their pork with apple sauce - they come with it inbuilt.

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