Ups and Downs

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

This time last week I was hovering around the pig pen watching the piglets with an eagle eye.


Because a little black piglet lay down and died! This was followed by a tri-colour piglet dwindling and eventually slipping away the succeeding night.

An autopsy showed bacterial infection in the lungs and intestines; so now I was on my guard watching the little ones, checking on them at all hours of the day and fussing around if I couldn’t see 12 happy, healthy little piglets, bounding around with their mothers.

So here we are a week later and, despite the occasional panic, which incurred much ferreting around in the pig houses to check on snoring piglets who had quite innocently decided that a straw bed was more favourable than a chilly east wind, there are still 12 piglets growing stronger and chubbier day by day.

As they grow their little characters are developing, friendships are forming and life is opening up for them. It is wonderful to watch, but it's not always fun and frolics, sadly we have had our share of downs as well as ups!

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