Alentejo Magic

"Imagine you have just dropped through a portal into a parallel universe...welcome to the Alentejo."

Welcome to my photography site... 

I hope you enjoy the images I capture in my daily life on a smallholding in the Alentejo region of Portugal.  Some years ago, on impulse, we bought a ruin in the middle of a field with no connected services.  


Today we have a home but still no connected services, choosing to use a solar system for electricity, a borehole for water and a septic tank for waste.


We breed 'pretty' pigs, have dogs and cats, grow veggies and treat our everyday ailments with natural remedies.

I write a piglet blog with all the latest antics from the pigpen and pictures of some of the sweetest piglets!

There are also some photobooks available to purchase from Blurb... so take a look around and enjoy!