How I Got Here

Some years ago, on implulse,  we shook hands with a Portuguese couple on the purchase of a ruin in the middle of a muddy field without any services.

Today we have a home, but continue to live without any mains services, instead we have solar power for electricity, a bore hole for water and our own water treatment system.


It has to be said this is peppered with its fair share of success and disaster which provides a constant source of conversation with friends and locals, covering everything from the state of the solar system to whether or not the generator is holding up and how many horses your tractor has.

In the meantime I breed 'pretty' pigs, have two springer spaniels, treat the family with holistic remedies and indulge in a variety of 'off grid' escapades. We are loving our adventure and I'm excited to  share with you some stories and photographs of life and love in the Alentejo area of Portugal.