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Audio Books

It's amazing what you can do from a field in the Alentejo! 

I narrate books available on Amazon. Below are links where you can hear samples and make purchases. Elizabeth Cadell was a prolific writer of these charming books that entice you into their pages of life and love, with detailed descriptions of locations, and an assortment of characters guaranteed to hook you into their stories. You will be amazed at how quickly you are drawn into their world and what a wonderful escape it provides.


The friendly Air tells a hilarious story spanning the countryside, life and love in both England and Portugal expertly told by Elizabeth Cadell. For anyone who wants a flavour of life in the Alentejo of the last century and to immerse themselves in a 'feel good' book look no further! Simply click on the link below...


Another of Elizabeth Cadell's exquisitely honed novels of life in a bygone era. Here we have the chance to experience life in the Alentejo area of Portugal and high society London. For anyone looking for a book that will whisk you into another world and cosset you in the process, you have a treat in store just click the link below.

Bridal Array_Audiobook_sm.jpg

Bored with streaming mediocre films and TV shows? Settle down with another treat from Elizabeth Cadell, this time set in England and France. A romp with larger-than-life characters and some missing family jewels will leave you wanting more... Click the link below.

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