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The tortoise and the hare...

Giving in to this moment, I stop trying to hijack every tick of the clock.

Instead, I give in to being a tortoise rather than a hare; although it goes against my nature and needs much practice.

I am giving in to the fact that whilst I practice being a tortoise slowly surfing the waves of life up and down, in and out, I’m unsure of what I have to offer that is useful in the world? Especially when I ponder on the incredible suffering that assails our eyes, ears and mind from every corner of the globe. What ability or capacity might be of benefit to others? In thinking about this I realise how we overlook and under-estimate our natural talents and everyday activities, which may have a value we do not appreciate. And so, I give in to using whatever I have, in whichever way I can, to help whomever comes my way.

Daily, I give in to all the beauty that surrounds me, and wonder how I came to be so blessed. Blessed by the natural world that assaults my senses in every moment. Blessed by the birds singing their hearts out, the grass and wild flowers pushing up through hard ground, blessed by insects, bugs and animals with indescribably beautiful coats in myriad colours that cross my path. What a wealth of beauty enfolds me.

I sit here still warm from my bed and give in to the majesty of the moon hanging like a slice of lemon in the sky, while the sun’s rays materialise on the horizon. Our planet, spin locked in the Universe passes through a hinge of time balancing both sun and moon on either side.

I give in to and, am intensely grateful that I was born into a life where love, kindness and beauty have cradled me, albeit punctuated by times of challenge and pain. And so, I give in to life as it is, beautiful, rugged, heart warming, ugly, hurtful, perfect, imperfect and impermanent.

Give in to the day moment by moment, as a tortoise or a hare. This is it - this is all there is - give in to that.

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