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Best We Have Ever Had

A June morning mist seeps across the land with moist droplets forming on the windows; the smell of wild pennyroyal and other aromatics are heavy in the air as I walk the dogs across the land towards the pig pen.

Out of the swirl of vapour I see Mum and Mini-Mum watching me in a calm and patient way as the two remaining black and white piglets slumber on the ground.

It is by far the most relaxed and agreeable group of pigs we have ever had.

We have had news of Apple only a few kilometres away; she is happily settled in with her new herd and expecting piglets in the autumn. One of the baby boys from Sauces latest litter has also gone to a nearby farm, to bring new blood into their family and the remaining naughty boys and girls left last Friday for new homes where doubtless they will wreak their own kind uproar whenever they have the opportunity!

I carefully selected two of the quietest female piglets to stay on here with us, spotting which ones stayed behind when the intrepid escapologists proceeded to dig up the garden, plunge into the pond or snooze under cork oaks. Subsequently these two little ones are very happy to stay close to their mother and big sister enjoying the heat of the day in the shade of the trees and the cool of the pig puddle.

Feeding times are a joy as well… no mass panic and rush for the pignuts. Enthusiasm of course, but a far more relaxed enthusiasm, which doesn’t involve shrieks and cries as Apple hurls everyone out of the way in order to devour the lion’s share. With her now safely on somebody else’s farm the heat has vamoosed from feeding time. And, because Mini-Mum knows there is plenty of food for all she has become far less of a Scoff-a-Lot! Indeed, I think she is in need of a new name.

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