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Daily Delights...

Scoff-a Lot really is a delightful pig...

She’s reached the grand age of 8 months old and yet is still such a playful teenager, playing with the month old babies, in a completely big sister kind of way. She frolics around and scampers about before lying down and letting them climb all over her.

And she still likes to play with me too! She nuzzles my trouser legs before stretching out and descending to the ground as she rolls over asking to have her tummy tickled. Naturally I oblige, during which time her mother comes over to sniff us both all over before wandering off with an air of disdain.

But, a couple of days ago I arrived to give them their breakfast to discover Scoffers with her head on one side. Hmmmmm I recognise that look, I thought. Definitely a grass seed in the ear kind of look – not good. Whilst the same predicament in a dog normally requires a trip to the vet to have said grass seed removed, how can you possibly do that with a pig.

Well, I thought the only thing I can try is for her to lie down for a tummy rub and see if I can peer down her ear at the same time. Whilst she was making short work of her breakfast I endeavoured to look down the offending ear and, I thought I could see the grass seed. After a certain about of encouragement Scoffers lay down on her side with the affronting ear uppermost. I lifted the flap and the sun shone in revealing said grass seed embedded in a very grubby, mud filled ear! Gently I lifted it out and began cleaning out the grub. Scoffers lay there grunting contentedly as I sorted out her problem. She seemed almost asleep by the time I had finished and I had to chivvy her up and get her to move so I could double check all was well.

And it was. Head was erect and in the centre. What a relief and a surprise; never had I thought I would be able to fish around in a pig’s ear to remove a grass seed and I don’t think it would have been possible with any of my other piggies.

What a delight she is…

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