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Here I am...

Here I am watching spring meld into summer. Grass burnt from green to gold, pastures waving their frond like blades in the summer breeze as sheep, bells around their necks, clank their way across the land devouring the tall waving golden meadow.

Here I am watching the sun creeping over the horizon tinging everything in honey coloured tones, land and sky alike. The light reflecting the mist as it rises off the pond - a haze of smokey vapour. Is that a mallard duck I see skittering across the water? Yes! And joined by its mate they glide across the glass like surface before taking off in unison to pleasures further afield.

Here I am sitting in my study listening to the wind chimes outside, a gift from a friend and such a delicate pitch and quality of music they produce, something almost ethereal and unworldly. It takes me out of my humdrum thoughts and worries, away from the news, the headlines that sneak into one’s consciousness where they can wreak havoc. Instead, I am enjoying the sound of the chimes, the feel of the keyboard beneath my fingertips, the snore of my dog under the desk and the scratching of my other dog sitting on the sofa.

Here I am, aware that I want to relish what I have in this moment, not what is coming in the next minutes or hours. Not judging, not reasoning, not thinking. Nor reaching out for ways in which to make this fraction of a second any better than it is. It is, as it is, and I want to absorb and enjoy it, just as it is.

And there you are sitting at your computer reading these words; what are you thinking? What stirs your emotions, what feeds your seeds of happiness and makes you smile. Because smile we must. There are forces that would happily sink us in fear and collective grief for all the woes of our planet. We acknowledge them, but we must not be overwhelmed by them. As an alternative, let us dive into the energetic vibes of peace, love and laughter. Yes, lots of laughter…

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What a precious reminder in these turbulent times - to simply be present, in the present, and feel the love and beauty that is all around us, with gratitude that all is well - in this moment.

Mi piace
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