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Inside Job...

They say Happiness is an inside job… and in the case of my pigs that comes from tummies filled with good food!

And...they have been very fortunate of late.

Good friends have been clearing out their horta and the girls have been the lucky recipients of cabbages and broccoli which had all shot their bolt. To say nothing of the enormous pumpkin crop they have been cultivating especially for my four legged friends. Sauce and Scoff-a-lot are in veritable HEAVEN!

In the morning, as soon as they realise I am up and venturing outside the front door, Sauce and Scoffers are dancing around, ears in full antennae mode as they bound to the part of the field where they know the pumpkin is waiting for them. Scoff-a-lot never does anything quietly and she is busy grunting and trotting to and fro whilst her mother, Sauce, has her ears flapping in all directions whilst giving me an intense stare that tells me quite succinctly to hurry up and chop the delicious orange flesh of the pumpkin and get it over the fence PDQ (Pretty Damn Quick!)

Needless to say I do as I am bidden, as there is nothing so delightful as seeing my girls scrunching away at the pumpkin, clearly very happy.

The other news is that they are both approximately two months pregnant. Yes, a neighbouring boar paid us a visit in early August so we are looking at piglets arriving at the end of November or beginning of December… That will be something to look forward to and keep us on our toes over Christmas.

Can’t believe I just used the 'C' word – but I suddenly realised it is creeping up on us already… what a strange year it’s been.

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