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Magical Moments

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

Hey! How many magical moments have you enjoyed today?


Surely not. I don’t believe that.

Bear with me, but didn’t you see the peach melba-coloured sky as the dawn broke? Didn’t you hear the birds gathering and singing their little hearts out just for the joy of it? The fox nipping across your back garden and into next door to check out their bins.

Okay, a bit too early in the day? Perhaps your magical moments started with that first sip of coffee, or was it tea? Savouring the hot liquid as it rolled around the inside of your mouth, taste buds responding to the sharpness or creaminess of the brew, depending on how you like to make it. Or was it the honey and cream on your porridge - I relished mine.

The touch of a hand, fingers lightly holding yours. Your baby’s smile as she slaps her fist into her breakfast, sending it spinning through the air and onto your clean clothes. Hmmmm… maybe not so good.

Did you notice the soft wind on your face as you took a stroll? Much kinder and gentler than the strong, hot winds of summer in the Alentejo. Have you seen the leaves beginning to turn, changing colour and letting go of the branch that held them for the last few months?

What about that treasured ritual as our working day draws to a close when we relax into a chair, take a sip of something delicious, and reflect on our daily doing.

I am sure that my piggies understand the meaning of magical moments. They slap their lips in delight as they crunch chunks of pumpkin or slurp the juice of squishy tomatoes. The cats of course enjoy a luxuriant cuddle and soothing strokes; whilst the dogs are never happier than when catching a ball. Simple pleasures.

So many magical moments in our lives. The problem is we rush past them. Living life at full pelt it may be hard to press the pause button to spot them. They happen relentlessly and the only thing they cost is time. Time to stop for a second or two, not even a minute, to be aware of something miraculous nudging, smiling and whispering to us. Some insignificant detail that makes our day. That takes it from the ordinary to the extraordinary. That embellishes existence with an inexplicable sense of wonder, happiness and gratitude. Magical Moments.

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