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Maybe Today...

Maybe today is the day to acknowledge how much courage we need to get through every day. It might not seem that way, but the mind plays a tap dance on thoughts and emotions and it can be a struggle sometimes to see what’s real and what isn’t.

Maybe today I have the courage to accept what shows up in life, just as it is. The ageing process that changes us all - the arrival of wrinkles, the ebbing of energy, the desire to keep connected to productivity - however it shows up nowadays.

Maybe today I listen to my heart telling me to be courageous and be happy with myself as I am, be confident with myself instead of looking outside myself for validation, acceptance and love.

Maybe today I look at impermanence full in the face and know that the bad things in life will pass, but so too will the good. I mustn’t miss a moment of the lusciousness of life; despite aches or pains, anger or frustration. There are always good things to relish. A smile, a touch of the hand, the dog at my side, the pig in a mud bath, the softness of cat fur; moments not to be missed or ignored in the rush to get to the next thing on the list.

Maybe today is the day I am courageous enough to look anger and frustration in the face, too. To see how easily I get annoyed with things and how little that does to bring me joy. Annoyed with the dog waking me up several times in the night to go for a pee. Angry that I feel tired? Frustrated that the day is kiboshed by weariness. Let it be. Go for a nap. Practice acceptance rather than anger and frustration.

Maybe today is the day I have the courage to embrace the in-between stages when we know something is cooking but not yet ready. Like a cake, the ingredients are all in the mixing bowl but not yet into the oven. We may feel afloat, vulnerable, or overwhelmed as the yeast, flour, eggs and sugar all do their molecular thing and turn into something wonderful and entirely different.

Maybe today I breathe in and out slowly, calm my heart, calm my thoughts, create spaciousness in my mind and inevitably in my life. A place where everything feels okay, despite whatever has gone before or will happen next.

Maybe today is the day I learn to surf the waves of life.

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